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There’s only one way to be virtuous. Or is there?


In the two years since her mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Hope Wagner has single-handedly raised and homeschooled her ten younger siblings while keeping her father’s house. When her father marries the strange newcomer to their church, Hope is allowed to begin a courtship that will make her a helpmeet in her own right. Much to her surprise, her betrothed has a vision for their life that includes radical ideas like education, careers, and choosing how many children they want to have rather than leaving it up to God. For the first time Hope can imagine a different future than the one her father’s planned for her, and she wants that future more than she’s ever wanted anything else.

Jennifer Levine has always wanted a large, close-knit family that lives according to traditional values, just like all those families she reads about in her beloved historical novels. When Michael, a handsome, successful widower at her new church begins to court her, Jennifer believes she’s found the life of her dreams. But Jennifer’s new life is a nightmare of inadequacy and futility as she tries to embody her husband’s idea of a virtuous woman, and she discovers the dark side of their conservative Christian sect. When Jennifer finally rejects Michael’s authority over her, she launches the family into a crisis that threatens Hope’s future and will change their lives forever.


Praise for Virtuous Women

“A thoughtful and compassionate exploration of female autonomy in the face of repressive strictures.” –Kirkus Reviews
“At its heart, Virtuous Women is a story about how our best intentions can be twisted into something deeply harmful to the human spirit. By turns emotional, humorous, and chilling, this novel doesn’t shy away from the darkness, but it also never truly lets go of hope. Ann Goltz writes with compassion and nuance about characters and a community that are struggling against a belief system that isn’t working for any of them, yet have trouble envisioning a better way. You’ll come away from it with a renewed appreciation for the grace, forgiveness, and love many of us take for granted.” -Erin Bartels, award-winning author of We Hope for Better Things

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